Yuka's Hill

Friday, August 26, 2005


on weekdays I cannot use much time to cook dinner, but today I came home earlier due to typhoon comming.

I coocked with onions, which were cut and cored out. Mixed ground chicken and choped-up onion and stuffed it up there.
And then, boiled throughly for about 1 hour.

Onion tasted a little sweet.


Here are Natto shanpoo and conditioner. But hair is not sticky but moist when and after washing.

There are some funny shanpoo&conditioner in Japan... charcoral, cucumber, seaweed...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

One of the 999 watches

I have just decided to launch my blog in English from today. Will update what has happened in Japan little by little.

It was a very hot and humid weekend in Tokyo, Japan. I went to a big shopping center near Tokyo Disney Land with my friend. Its name is "IKSPIARI", which is a bit similar to "Bloomley" where I used to go with Nadine and Sachi.

We enjoyed Vietnamese lanch. Here is a photo of desserts, a coconut pudding and dragon fruit.

After lunch, we happened to see unique wristwatches. They were made by a French artist, who produced only 999 in the world however. And as another unique aspect, each dial plate was made from narural resources. I bought one whose dial plate made from a shell where a pig is represented.

IKSPIARI is near seaside, so we feel a little cooler in the evening.